"The SFT2 Elite DUTY Belly Band Holster is the New Gold Standard in Comfortable & Versatile Concealed Carry" 
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Please Note: Logos are no longer printed on the bands to provide for better concealment
* Ambidextrous Construction Works for Both Left and Right Handed Draw *
Fits Subcompacts, Compacts, Mid-Size, & Full Size Models
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Available in 47" or 57" , Black or Light Tan Color
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So what are people saying about this holster? Here's just a handful of the 1000's of comments from happy customers...

So what makes this new SFT2 Elite Belly Band, 'Duty Worthy'?

  • Premium Lightweight 5" Wide Ventilated Neoprene - for long hours of cool comfortable wear, snug and tight to the body for minimal printing.
  • Premium Hook & Loop Fastener - Material tested and rated for unlimited opens & closes without loosing any 'Gripping Power' for safe and secure carry of even the heaviest models.
  • Tapered Holster Compartment with Whisper Quiet Button Snap Retention Strap - Carry securely, and release for draw without drawing any unwanted attention to yourself.
  • 2 Sizes 47" or 57" Length -  adjustable fit works perfect for both men and women, and can be tightened or loosened to fit most any size physique, from the most petite female with waist size in the 20"s, to those us of with a little more robust high 50"s waist line.
  • 4 Sewn-in Mag Pouches & 1 Sewn-in Large Storage Pouch - Storage for plenty of backup mags + handcuffs, wallet, phone, pepper spray, knife, light, etc... all with Velcro retention straps for safe secure carry. 
  • 1 Detachable Mag Pouch + 1 Detachable Large Storage Pouch - Now even more secure storage with Velcro retention straps! Place them anywhere on the band you like. Made with premium hook and loop fastening material so tough to pull apart you'll need a crowbar! :-) In other words, no need to worry about anything 'falling off' your band!

This is a SFT2 Tactical Exclusive, designed and made by us for law enforcement, and now available for the first time to the general public

This high quality and durable neoprene SFT2 UltraComfort Elite Duty Belly Band is made to be the most versatile and comfortable deep concealment holster you'll ever wear. 

And it's a PERFECT FIT, no matter what size firearm you like to carry from subcompact, compact and
medium frame to full size!
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Most all other belly band holsters are made solely from elastic. While practical and effective, unfortunately there is a downside. It can turn brittle after getting wet repeatedly, and can have a tendency roll over at the top, or roll up at the bottom, causing discomfort. Most prefer to wear elastic only bands on top of a layer of clothing. But when you add a neoprene lining, everything changes!

The Heavy Duty but Lightweight Ventilated Neoprene is Cool,
Comfortable and Soft Against your Skin! 
This is why it is most often used in knee braces and back braces. It's thicker and handles the weight of a gun with no sagging or roll ups/over. Plus, it's much cooler, especially with the SFT2 Elite ventilation system. And from a versatility standpoint, there's no comparison. With a belly band holster you can safely secure a firearm + spare mags/phone/flashlight/knife/etc while wearing sweat pants, gym shorts, loose fit jeans, a dress, skirt, yoga pants, etc. And all the while, know that your firearm is snug and secure thanks to the elastic retention strap with quick release button snap fastener for quick draw. 
60 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Put the SFT2 UltraComfort ELITE DUTY BELLY BAND holster to the test for up to 60 Days! If at any time you decide, for any reason, that you don't absolutely love it, simply let us know and we will promptly refund your full purchase price no questions asked. 
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Secure Order Form - 100% Protected and Safe
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"The SFT2 UltraComfort ELITE DUTY is a Game Changer"

Simply the best, period! You haven't tried a REAL belly band holster until you've tried this one. This thing is a so comfortable, built like a tank, and will handle anything you can give it. Don't even think about it... just buy it. You won't regret it.
- Rob B., Marietta, GA
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