In addition to the 4 sewn-in mag pouches and 1 large sewn-in storage pouch, also included are 1 Detachable Double Mag Pouch, 1 Detachable Large Storage Pouch, & 1 Detachable Barrel Guard
* Ambidextrous Construction Works for Both Left and Right Handed Draw *
Fits Subcompacts, Compacts, Mid-Size, & Full Size Models
(Please Note: No Logos are printed on the bands to provide better concealability)
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Loaded with the Features & Benefits you need...

* Premium Lightweight 5" Wide Ventilated Neoprene - for long hours of cool comfortable wear, snug and tight to the body for minimal printing.

* Premium Hook & Loop Fastener - Material tested and rated for 1000s of opens & closes without loosing any 'Gripping Power' for safe and secure carry of even the heaviest models.

* Tapered Holster Compartment with Whisper Quiet Button Snap, Thumb Break Retention Strap - Carry securely, and quickly & effortlessly release for draw without drawing any unwanted attention to yourself.

* 2 Sizes 47" or 57" Length (57" Currently Out of Stock) -  adjustable fit works perfect for both men and women, and can be tightened or loosened to fit most any size physique, from the most petite female with waist size in the upper 20"s, to those us of with a little more robust high 50"s waist line.

* 4 Sewn-in Mag Pouches & 1 Sewn-in Large Storage Pouch - Storage for plenty of backup mags + handcuffs, wallet, phone, pepper spray, knife, light, etc... all with Velcro retention straps for safe secure carry. 

* 1 Detachable Double Mag Pouch + 1 Detachable Large Storage Pouch - Now even more secure storage with Velcro retention straps! Place them anywhere on the band you like. Made with premium hook and loop fastening material so tough to pull apart you'll need a crowbar! :-) In other words, no need to worry about anything 'falling off' your band!

* Detachable Barrel Guard - No more long barrels grinding into your leg and no more sweat damage to your prized investment. 

Grip Guard - No more rough grip stippling rubbing against and irritating your mid section! And no sweat on your grips.

What are People Saying About the Shadow-X?
60 Day Money Back Guarantee!
Put the Shadow-X to the test for up to 60 Days! If at any time you decide, for any reason, that you don't absolutely love it, simply let us know and we will promptly refund your full purchase price no questions asked. 
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